Help & Advice

ICF Construction

When placing the bracing onto ICF walls it is imperative that this is done at the right time. with Polarwall we place the corner braces when there is only one course of height in the wall.  

Failure to put the corner braces on at this early stage can lead to the corners being built out of square, which in turn leads to walls that are not straight. During the build the corners need to be checked for plum at least once a day and preferably twice a day.  

The internal braces along the straight walls are always set to the interior except in the case of the T-intersections where they are placed on the outside of the T and usually outside of the building footprint.  Internal braces are set at between 1.5 metres and two metres centres. These braces are placed on the wall when three courses of formwork have been built. 

All the braces are adjustable for fine alignment of the walls.  

Keeping to these simple principles will ensure straight walls. plumb corners and a perfect structure for follow on tradespeople.