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Insulated Concrete Formwork for Pool Contractors

We have built hundreds of swimming pools with Polarwall insulated concrete formwork over the years.

Polarwall has some unique features that pool contractors and pool builders love. 

These include: 

1. It’s Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

The advantages of the inherent moisture resistance of XPS insulation is not lost on most pool builders.

XPS has a higher compressive strength than EPS and a much greater resistance to moisture.

2. The one piece pour. 
This is where we pour the raft and the walls at the same time in one go and eliminate both the construction joint and the extra pump hire cost.  Our technology for this feature is unique amongst our competition and saves the pool builder time and money during his pool build. 

3. The R-Wall Construction 
For those contractors who build commercial pools this is a great feature.  Using our R-rail in construction means that the pool wall can be built with no insulation on the inner face and all the insulation on the outside. 

4. Sloping depths 
Deep end to shallow end is not an issue . Polarwall can be built off a sloping slab without any problems.  Need a pit for the pool cover or balancing tanks.  All easily undertaken with our highly adaptable products. 

5. Curves and “Organic” shaped pools 
These are a bit of a doddle for us. Whether its a Roman End or a pool shaped like a guitar the Polarwall formwork can be easily formed to create any shape.  And to help you with an unusual shape we will pre-cut all boards on our CNC hot wire so that it all fits together perfectly. 

6. Full Thermal Envelope optionWe can incorporate an insulated raft with the walls

6. Full Thermal Envelope Option
We can incorporate an insulated raft with the walls to create the full thermal envelope. Again this can be poured in one go to create the monolithic pour and to reduce the number of concrete pump hire occasions. The insulated raft can also include a pool cover pit or a haunch to reduce the chance of slippage on sandy soils. For the raft foundation technology we would involve GreenRaft – , which is the most adaptable and robust raft foundation in the UK.