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Energy Efficient

Polarwall Formwork

Since 2002 Polarwall Insulating Formwork has been successfully used for a wide selection of energy efficient insulated concrete formwork construction across the UK and Europe.

Our Builds

These structures include houses of all types and styles, apartment blocks, schools. community centres and a host of other structures.

Our Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing, and installation of the most innovative insulated concrete formwork construction system on the UK market, our experience in this field is second to none.. 


Polarwall is viewed by most as Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF), which is simply concrete inside a permanent formwork of insulation..  However,  most ICF systems are based on moulded blocks of Expanded Polystyrene and we are definitely not an ICF Block.  

Best Materials

We are obsessed with quality of materials. As Polarwall uses planks of insulation in the formwork we are not tied to using Expanded Polystyrene as any moulded block systems must do. In fact, we refuse to use Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in our products, even though we could. We prefer to use Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) for its greater mechanical strength, its superior moisture resistance and its enhanced thermal performance.  

A Different Name

So we decided to differentiate ourselves from the ICF blocks  by reverting to the original British name for this type of construction which is Permanent Insulating Formwork (PIF). 

The difference between the types is not just in the name. It is in the many advantages that Polarwall formwork brings to designers and builders of our system.

Future Changes

Also, as we hope to be filling the formwork with non-cement based product within the next 12 months we think it is time to lose the word “Concrete” from the title. 

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Architectural Designers
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Structural Engineers
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Pool Construction

Case Studies

Some example of Polarwall in action.

ICF Constructed Homes in Cambridgeshire

Completion of 15 ICF constructed homes in March, Cambridgeshire was achieved early in April 2007. The development was a mixture of shared ownership for the social housing sector and properties […]

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Designing Insulated Concrete Formwork for Noise Reduction 

ICF Basement Builds in Germany

When specialist German basement company Freestand Kellerbau started to review ICF basement systems their first reaction was disappointment at the quality of some of the ICF systems. The company’s Technical […]

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The Ultimate Self Build Project

Here at Polarwall we have come across some very impressive selfbuild projects – and some impressive self builders… Though Tony Brennan has a high-powered job in the City, he had […]

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