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ICF Claddings & Finishes

Over the years brick slips have proved to be a popular choice for the cladding of ICF walls.  The brick slip finish gives the attractive look and durability of brick,  but without taking up too much space in the thickness of the overall wall.  Typically the slips are attached to the permanent insulating form work boards, either with an epoxy based adhesive or a cementitious adhesive. 

There are some manufacturers of brick slips, but most product still seems to come from cutting the faces from a  traditional brick. 

Some of our clients have opted to make their own brick slips from recycled  and reclaimed brick stock.    

Typically most brick slips are made at around 15 millimetres thick.  

Proper set out is required when starting to place the brick slips and a consistent spacing both horizontally and vertically between the slips makes for an attractive cladding finish.