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Insulating Concrete Formwork for Self Builds

There are different types of self builds and we work with you in the way that you choose. 

Some people think that because we work with some of Britain’s larger builders we must be not interested in working with self-builders. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Since our 2002 formation we have been involved with many hundreds of self-build projects across the UK. Europe too. 

We say that we can teach anyone who has basic carpentry skills how to build the perfect structure.

And we are here to help you achieve that.

Building a house is not easy. It is long hours and hard work and always with an eye on the expanding budget. But those that embark on this adventure, will emerge at the other end with a very special feeling for their home. Most also get a genuine sense of worthwhile achievement.

There are different types of self builder and we work with you in the way that you choose. 

Hands On Self Build 

Polarwall Self build project with pleased self builders

So if you are the “hands on” type, then we will provide full training for you (for free). We also provide full technical back up, seven days a week. Our Tech Team are always available to answer any questions that you have during (and after) your build. We will always have one of our technical team (again without any cost to you) on your site, to check out your work before the pour. And we will stay for the duration of this first concrete pour. 

Things on site do not always go to plan. Expect the unexpected. Few construction projects are finished on time or on budget, whether self build or otherwise. However, if you stick with it, then it will be worth it and we will always do what we can to help keep you on track.

Self Build by Others for the Structure 

Many self builders want someone else to undertake the structural build but undertake the project management. This is also an option, and is probably the most common type of self build project.  We will happily  introduce you to a choice of  Polarwall trained builders to undertake the structural element for you. 

Some of our builders are trained waterproofing contractors and can undertake this element if you choose a basement in your home.  

Turnkey Self Build 

Some people have the site and want their home built and everything finished in a turnkey package.  if this is your preferred option then let us know, and  we can find the right builder for this too. 

If you have your own team of builders that you want to use then this is fine also. Again, we will train them how to build Polarwall free of charge.

Structural Engineer 

Every structure needs a structural engineer. Our BBA Certificate states that he must be independent and suitably qualified.  This means we are not allowed to do any structural design for you. However, we can introduce an engineer to you who is experienced with Polarwall construction and engineering design. We want full and honest feedback on the service provided by any engineer that we recommend.

If you already have your own engineer appointed then this is not a problem. We will liaise with him and try to make sure that he keeps the engineering design sensible.

 Architectural Detailing  

We want to work with your architect to make sure that what he designs and details is sensible and cost effective. We will always make time to take an architect through our online training for designers. This should should save him lots of time and flatten his learning curve.

We can also recommend people who can undertake the detail drawings for Building Control 

Self Build Help and Advice

We have created a Help & Advice Centre in these pages where we (hopefully) provide the answers to your self build questions, and other ICF related topics. Do check this out and if you have a question please let us know.