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Insulated Concrete Formwork for Property Developers

The value that our construction system can bring to a property developer are many fold, including saving time and money.

Here at Polarwall we enjoy working with smaller property developers and building an ongoing and lasting relationship built on mutual trust.

Property Developer Issues

The current climate in the UK is not ideal for property developers. An uncertain property market and escalating costs are two issues that property developers are currently facing. When you add in the skills shortages and ever increasing legislation from the Building Regulations the ability to turn a decent profit on a project is more difficult than it has been in a long time.

We hope that we can remove some of these factors with a building system that allows you to build a great structure in a simple way without worrying about finding skilled labour to complete the job and bring it to market.

Developer Build Team

The simplistic nature of Polarwall construction requires only basic carpentry skills. This means that your project does not have to be adversely affected by the current skills shortage.

One good man who takes responsibility, with two or three capable improvers makes a solid assembly unit. With a little practice and understanding the simple assembly process becomes automatic and quick.

We provide full and ongoing training to your team on demand. We will happily run through the assembly process online with any new team members, so that they are quickly up to speed. We want them phoning us to ask a question.

If you don’t have your own team for a project then we can introduce you to some experienced contractors. Most of our builders prefer to just build the shell of the structure.


If you, as the property developer are building a single house project, then the assembly is usually course by course.

If you have some repeatability in the design, such as terraced housing or apartment blocks then there may be advantage in looking at our panelised construction methods. Large panels can be pre-assembled on site in a “flying factory” process that becomes very fast and cost effective.

These panels can be assembled by nearly anyone.

Typically the team would assemble all the external walls as panels and lock them together. Then all the internal wall panels are “let in” and joined to the external walls. Once assembled and aligned the concrete for that floor can be poured, ready for the floor system (any type) to go in.

Any cladding can be used. If using brick then the bricklayer can be taken out of the critical path.

The Costs

For larger projects and for repeat customers we are in the habit of pencil sharpening.

Usually our product material is a bit more expensive than traditional build materials. However, the speed of construction and with “less skilled” labour. This means time and money savings for the property developer.

Please give us a call to discuss your upcoming projects. We work with you to make each build a financial success for the developer.