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Bespoke housing


Whether you want a contemporary design or traditional feel to your new house, building or self-building with Polarwall can give you what you want.glass gable

At Polarwall we believe our excellent reputation for product quality and service is built upon giving a cost effective solution, together with a proven construction method that meets the ever-increasing needs of today’s environment.

Building and Costs

Polarwall costs no more than other forms of construction; in fact it can be cheaper. It will provide better insulation & acoustic qualities, and can be constructed much quicker than conventional buildings.

Predicting building costs are therefore much easier, and follow on trades can be brought into the project quicker. We can put you in touch with a range of Polarwall approved contractors, to either help you in the selfbuild process or to take the project on and manage the construction for you.

By using Polarwall to construct your house, we can provide an effective method to significantly exceed the current energy targets as well as saving you money in the process.

This is achieved through:

  • Exceptional thermal insulation (ranging from 0.27W/m2K down to 0.14W/m2K)
  • Low air permeability through the fabric of the building envelope reducing air leakage
  • High thermal mass of the concrete - once the house reaches the temperature you want it will remain at that level for a long period


With Polarwall, there is no limit to the design or architectural style you want. As there is no pre-fabrication or modules, the architecturally designed houseshouse design can be free of restriction, allowing your architect to design the home of your dreams.

We are able to offer contact to a number of architectural and engineering design consultancies that we have worked with in the past. They can offer the experience in ICF construction and most importantly deliver an economical design. Alternatively we can provide full technical assistance should you wish to use to your own consultants.

Environmental impact

Bespoke houses built with PolarwallThe environmental impacts from buildings are mainly during their use, as a result of their heating, lighting and cooling.

Over the whole life of a building only about 10% of environmental impacts are embodied within the building materials. Designing and using Polarwall can reduce energy costs by up to 75% over the whole life of the building. Timber frame construction uses an opposing argument by inferring the use of greener building materials, but invariably it does not have the longevity of Polarwall and therefore cannot be seen to be as sustainable or environmentally superior.


ICF constructionOur product has been fully assessed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to be considered suitable as a method of forming the superstructure for residential dwellings. Therefore, the various Designated Warranty Schemes (DWS) such as NHBC and Zurich consider Polarwall suitable for warranty provision.

We are able to offer both training to new contractors or provide contact to one of the Polarwall Approved Contractors in your area to assemble and construct your development.

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