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Polarwall ICF used in social housingPolarwall is a highly sustainable Modern Method of Construction (MMC) used by housing associations. Its robust nature offers reduced lifetime maintenance, whilst high insulation levels and excellent airtightness significantly contribute to a zero carbon construction. Over recent years, Polarwall has rapidly increased it's supply into the social housing sector and a number of successful developments have been completed using our products.

Polarwall gives both contractor and client a flexible building approach that traditional 'on-site' methods provide, Download the Polarwall guide for the Code for Sustainable Homeswhilst maintaining a high degree of 'in-built' quality that is seen in off-site construction.

As the Code for Sustainable Homes now replaces the EcoHomes standards, Polarwall has developed it's own handbook to guide professionals through these new measures. This document explains the principals behind the code and offers practical advice on how to achieve the various code levels with Polarwall.

Our partnering commitment to you

We are able to offer tailored packages to suit your individual needs and requirements. These include:

  • Contact to our approved contractors either through main or sub-contract routeICF houses supplied by Polarwall
  • Robust training for either your own workforce or nominated contractor
  • Access to engineering design through our partnering arrangements with structural engineering practices
  • Access to architectural services to provide full compliance with Building Regulation submission
  • Full technical support and expertise with every aspect of the Polarwall build
  • Quality Assurance through BRE Certification
  • Expert review for Code for Sustainable Homes

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