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Private housing schemes

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If your business is concerned with the private housing sector, whether high spec or low cost homes, you should be talking to Polarwall. We have supplied projects differing in style and design, providing the client with a rapid build time to ensure the return on the capital invested is realised as soon as possible.

At Polarwall we believe in helping you throughout the design and build process. As such we are able to offer tailored packages to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Building advantages

  • Reduced programme & lead-in times allows the weatherproof shell to be built much quicker than traditional building methods, so follow on trades can be brought in faster giving a more predictable time frameBuilding with Polarwall
  • Makes life easier for follow on trades. Chasing services into the wall are so simple as a router makes light work of the polystyrene. Internal finishes are made easy as the plastic rails on the inside of the building provide fixing points to screw plasterboard to.
  • Polarwall can give more cost certainty, as there are no lost days for poor weather, unlike traditional block building. There is also a reduced reliance on wet trades providing a rapid dry envelope.
  • Polarwall uses approved contractors, who are formally trained to ensure the construction is carried out to a high degree of professionalism and care.
  • Fewer deliveries can be made to site, reducing programming headaches.
  • Polarwall operates a BRE technical & quality certification scheme, reassuring all in the development and construction process of quality and product excellence.

Health and safety

Polarwall construction is light and manageablePolystyrene is light so there a fewer lost working days to injuries.

Erecting the formwork requires almost no large plant and machinery-making site working conditions safer.

The Code for Sustainable Homes

Although it is not a requirement for private housing developments to sign up to the Code for Sustainable Homes, many planning authorities are now using this as a planning tool for granting approval. This requires the developer and contractor to meet even tougher levels the Code for Sustainable Homesfor carbon emission reduction as well as other sustainable design categories.

There are 6 levels within the Code, each level placing an increasing compliance on the developer from level 1 to level 6. Many local authorities are bypassing levels 1 and 2 and have a minimum requirement of level 3 on all applications.

Polarwall works with a number of specialist consultants who can advise on the best way to achieve the necessary requirements. Together with this service, we have also produced a guide on using Polarwall in context of the Code. Download a copy here

Guaranteed buildings

All Polarwall homes are eligible for coverage by major insurers like NHBC, Zurich, Premier etc, offering complete peace of mind to developers and buyers alike.

Polarwall’s work is closely monitored through it’s BRE certification, ensuring that a culture of quality is present throughout all aspects of it’s business. Polarwall is also one of the founder members of the UK Insulated Concrete Formwork Association, set up to promote excellence and best practice.

'In-built' quality

Polarwall constructionPolarwall homes can be built to provide passively heated living spaces. Although this level of energy conservation may be considered too much for developers, Polarwall is able to offer a range of energy performing products, all of which are under a wall U-Value of 0.27W/m2K.

This is further enhanced by an airtight building fabric, that provides superior levels to any other construction material.

Using the Polarwall acoustic wall will provide sufficient soundproofing to meet the current regulations. Measured results indicate that a figure of 47 dB (DnT,w + Ctr) is achieved, which easily passes the current requirement level of 45 dB.

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