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A block of apartments constructed with PolarwallApartment construction continues to prove popular, with developers finding a ready market for their properties, especially amongst the ever-growing population of city-centre dwellers.

Polarwall can provide a single width construction that offers excellent structural, energy and acoustic performance.

As land costs increase it makes economic sense to optimise available development land. In addition, the Government has called for more building in inner city locations and on ‘brown field’ sites. The construction of apartments and flats therefore provide higher density housing without impacting on our already congested cities. 

Building Costs

Design flexibility with PolarwallLow rise buildings (4 stories etc.) can be easily constructed using the Polarwall product and indeed other materials. However, once past these heights, buildings have then to be designed to withstand greater structural forces, which most materials find difficult to achieve on cost. This increase in development value invariably leads to an unworkable project.

By using Polarwall, there is now the opportunity to exclude the use of a reinforced concrete frame allowing the structure to be completed to any number of stories. In doing this, costs can be reduced and projects that previously did not pay can become a viable proposition.

Soundproofing and party walls

Polarwall offers a simple way to provide an acoustic solution to party walls. By increasing the width ratio of the concrete core, a greater mass can be achieved.

Measured recordings using the Polarwall 200mm thick core will give a reading of 47dB (DnT,w+Ctr). This is well above the threshold level required under the provisions of the Part E element of the current Building Regulations.

The provision of similarly suitable flanking details must also be applied to the party wall in order to compliment this soundproofing.

Warranty provision

Our product has been fully assessed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to be considered suitable as a method of forming the superstructure for residential dwellings. As a consequence, the various Designated Warranty Schemes (DWS) such as NHBC and Zurich consider Polarwall suitable for warranty provision.

Energy efficiency

energy efficient PolarwallWith energy-efficiency obligations and the need in some cases, to use a percentage of renewable energy to obtain planning permission, the modern apartment project can provide a series of challenges to the design team. As a high energy-efficient product, Polarwall is able to significantly contribute to the reduction in energy consumption throughout the building.

This benefits the developer by minimising up-front investment costs in heating installations, and maximising the use of livable space in the building, whilst satisfying the heating and hot water needs of the eventual apartment owners.

Constructing with Polarwall

We are able to offer both training to new contractors or provide contact to one of the Polarwall Approved Contractors in your area to assemble and construct your development.

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