In the clients own words,

Having previously completed a self-build project with 41 other people many years’ ago, I have always wanted to build my own house, and I am now doing this together with my wife and family.

I have always looked at building from a Heating Engineer’s perspective and wondered why we build to such high “U” values (heat loss through building materials).

It is common knowledge in the heating industry that the cost of fuel is going to go through the roof and, therefore, my first priority was to use a method of construction that far exceeded the current building regulations for heat loss.

I had in the past looked at other ICF style homes, but was not totally convinced that they were as flexible as I wanted and I had not seen one built.

I first saw Polarwall in April 2003 when I met Alan, who answered all the questions I put to him. I was invited to see the finished product and was able to talk to people who had built with Polarwall. They all said the same; how easy it was to construct and that the backup from Polarwall was very good.

Some 20 months later and after many helpful meetings and telephone conversations with the guys, we placed our order with Polarwall and two weeks later the materials arrived. It was at this point that I expected we would be relatively on our own. However, the backup from Polarwall was superb, not only were they on the end of the telephone whenever we needed advice, but they also visited us on site on several occasions kited with boots, hard hats and builders clothes; what a great team. I know that we made the right choice. I’m sure that other ICF companies have good products, but Polarwall has to be the best by a long shot.

Just my wife and I have so far built our house. Although it’s hard work, it has been enjoyable to construct and seems a doddle compared with block work. Our house has generated a lot of interest from local builders. Some say they will only build using block work, but then again isn’t this just one big block?

If you wish to see our house or talk to me on the telephone, we are happy for you to contact Polarwall and they will give you my mobile telephone number.