Completion of 15 ICF constructed homes in March, Cambridgeshire was achieved early in April 2007. The development was a mixture of shared ownership for the social housing sector and properties for sale on the open market. Both 2 and 3 bed dwellings were built..

It was the first Polarwall contract for the Northamptonshire based contractor who also specialises in civil engineering. Commercial Director Michael Tite, commented “the contract has allowed us to tie in the groundworks package with the Polarwall construction, making contract programming that much easier.

The simplicity of the product is clearly evident which allows our workforce to quickly grasp the appropriate build techniques”.

On the Polarwall element, just two shuttering carpenters on their first ICF project built 15 houses in 21 weeks. This was the walls, the engineered timber floors and fitting the pre-made bathroom pods ate first floor level.

One of the carpenters, Sean Doyle, loved the speed and efficiency of the system and has become one of Polarwall’s international builders, completing projects in France and Croatia for us.

The SmartLife project is a joint initiative between the Building Research Establishment (BRE), Cambridgeshire County Council and SmartLife. A total of 106 new homes are Artists impression of the Polarwall developmentbeing built with three different Modern Methods of Construction.

Polarwall was chosen from a number of different concrete building systems to build 15 of the new homes. The remaining units are being shared with traditional block construction, steel and timber frame.